Common Questions When Buying Pendant Lights

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1. How High Should My Pendants Hang Above My Countertop?
The general rule of thumb is that pendant lighting should hang from between 30″ – 36″ from the top of your island or peninsula countertop.

2. How High Should My Pendant or Chandelier Hang Above My Dining Table?
The general rule of thumb is that pendant lighting should hang from between 30″ – 36″ from the top of your dining room table.

3. How High Should My Pendants Hang From Off of Bedside Table?
Hanging pendants 28″ – 32″ above the surface of a bedside table is ideal. But, the center of the pendant should be around eye level. You want to make sure that it’s at a level that people will not bump into it. If there is a lamp on the bedside table, make sure the pendant hangs at least 14″18″ above the top of the lamp.

4. What Is The Difference Between a Pendant vs. a Chandelier?
A chandelier is suspended from the ceiling & incorporates multiple light bulbs into a single light fixture, whereas a pendant light is also suspended from the ceiling but has only one bulb incorporated into the fixture.

5. Can I Hang a Pendant Over My Dining Table?
Yes, just look at the proportionate size of the pendant versus the size of the table. A large pendant over the small table can look beautiful, but for a large, rectangular dining table, you may need 3 pendants hanging over the length of the table to cover the space and look proportionate.

6. Are There Any Pendant Lights With Integrated Smart Lighting On The Market?
There are very few pendant lights on the market with LED smart lighting integrated into the fixture. Phillips Hue has one design. Most smart lighting on the market involves the sale of the LED bulb which can be swapped with a regular bulb. Viro Lighting will soon be releasing a line of smart pendant lights mid 2022. Sign up for early access at:

7. What Can I Do When I Want To Hang a Light Away From Your Lighting Junction Box?
Use a swag hook to extend the area away from your junction box that you can hang your pendant light. Once you have a swag hook, you are limited only by the length of the pendant light cord.

8. Where In my Home Office Should I Hang a Pendant Light?
Off to the side of where you work is ideal. An overhead spotlight can create shadows and screen glare. Ideally the light should be placed on the opposite side of the hand you write with in order to avoid cast shadows.

9. How High Should My Pendants Hang Above My Side Table or End Table?
It is based on personal preference but a good rule of thumb is 28″ – 32″ from the top of the table surface to the bottom of the hanging pendant.

10. What Are Popular Pendant Light Styles?
Some of the most popular styles of pendant lights are, the globe shaped pendant which is a round ball shape. Another is the bell shaped pendant which has an open bottom. Other popular shapes are geometric shapes, squares & rectangular pendants.

11. What Size Pendant Do I Need For My Kitchen Island?
The size and shape of the pendant is personal preference but a good rule of thumb is roughly an 8-12″ sized pendant light for every 2-3 feet of counter space. So, the number of pendants you’ll need depends on the amount of space you’re trying to cover with light. If you opt for only one pendant, then you’ll want to make sure it’s extra large.

12. Can Good Lighting Increase The Value of My Home?
If done right, quality lighting can make a statement that impacts the look and feel of a room. It can give an impression of a luxury interior. That can, in turn, lead to a higher value of the room and then the home itself. On the other hand, low quality lighting can lead to an impression of cheap interior design.

13. How Many Pendants Do I Need For My Kitchen Island or Peninsula Countertop?
The general rule of thumb is 1 pendant for every 2-3 feet of counter space.

14. Do I Have to Have 3 Pendants Over My Kitchen Island/Peninsula or Can I do Two?
Whether you do 1, 2 or 3 pendants, it largely depends on the size of your countertop and the size of your pendants. With very large pendants, two pendants is more than enough to cover the space, whereas with smaller pendants, 3 might be necessary.

15. What Are The Average Sizes of Hanging Pendants?
An 8-10″ pendant is considered to be small in size. Pendants that are 10″-20″ side would be considered medium sized and 20″ or larger would be considered a large pendant.s