How Light & Color Affects Circadian Rhythms & Sleep Cycles

color temperature and how it affects circadian rhythms & sleep cycles

How Light & Color Temperature Can Affect Your Circadian Rhythms & Sleep Cycles Though largely overlooked, light has a profound impact on our health and well-being. The light we are exposed to on a daily basis has an enormous influence on our energy levels, sleep cycles, and even our physical health. Even those of us […]

LED vs. Standard Bulbs – What To Know

LED vs standard light bulbs

LED vs. Standard Bulbs: Deciding What Type of Lighting is Best for Your Home Deciding on the ideal type of light to use in your home can be a commitment. The design-savvy among us understand the transformative impact that lighting can bring to a space, but it can be difficult to anticipate which type of […]

How to Choose The Ideal Color Temperature For Your Room

The color temperature of your lighting can enhance both the look and functionality of a room, setting the appropriate mood for the space. While it may seem daunting to figure out the ideal color temperature for your needs in a room, there are a few easy guidelines to ensure that your lighting creates the ambience […]