Common Questions When Buying Pendant Lights

1. How High Should My Pendants Hang Above My Countertop?The general rule of thumb is that pendant lighting should hang from between 30″ – 36″ from the top of your island or peninsula countertop. 2. How High Should My Pendant or Chandelier Hang Above My Dining Table?The general rule of thumb is that pendant lighting […]

How Does Smart Lighting Work & How Can It Improve Your Life?

how does smart lighting work

3 Signs You’d Love Smart Lighting:– You Love Convenience– You Want to Save Money on Energy Bills– You Need Better Sleep How Smart Lighting Can Improve Your Life Smart home technology is now available to anyone with a smart device like Alexa, Google Home or Apple Home. A decade ago, only homes that were wired […]

How to Plan Kitchen Lighting

kitchen lighting

Why Does Kitchen Lighting Matter So Much? Kitchen lighting is one of the most important interior design decisions you can make, and it’s also among the most challenging. In most homes, the kitchen supports multiple functions – as the primary social space where family congregates, as a task-oriented space suitable for a variety of daily […]

LED vs. Standard Bulbs – What To Know

LED vs standard light bulbs

LED vs. Standard Bulbs: Deciding What Type of Lighting is Best for Your Home Deciding on the ideal type of light to use in your home can be a commitment. The design-savvy among us understand the transformative impact that lighting can bring to a space, but it can be difficult to anticipate which type of […]

Guide To Hanging Pendant Lights

A Guide to Pendant Lights There are many reasons why hanging pendants have always been a popular lighting choice. Versatile, multi-functional and available in an unlimited range of appealing styles, shapes and sizes, pendants can be used to brighten up a dark space in a room or be the decorative focal point of a foyer, […]

How to Choose The Ideal Color Temperature For Your Room

The color temperature of your lighting can enhance both the look and functionality of a room, setting the appropriate mood for the space. While it may seem daunting to figure out the ideal color temperature for your needs in a room, there are a few easy guidelines to ensure that your lighting creates the ambience […]

How to Use a Swag Hook to Enhance Your Lighting Options

Swag hook -pendant lighting

What is a Swag Hook? A swag hook is a ceiling hook that allows a pendant light fixture to be hung away from the location of a lighting junction box. The length of a light’s cord is the only distance limitation from the location of the junction box. How Does a Swag Hook Open Up […]